Workshop Facilitator | Keynote Speaker | Consultant | Technical Assistance


Workshops designed to provide knowledge on

1) what is: a) domestic violence b) intimate partner violence c) sexual assault

2) race/power/privilege/oppression

3) supporting and/or responding to survivors

4) bystander intervention

5) consent & healthy relationships

6) building inclusive workplaces / organizations

Workshops include 4 weeks of technical assistance.

Fatima strives to offer customized and inclusive experiences.  The link below details "base workshops" which are meant to be the beginning of the conversation when customizing a workshop for your group/organization. If you do not see exactly what you are looking forward, please contact Fatima to discuss your needs.

Click here to view base workshops


Advocating for a community that Starts by Believing as a person who went from victim to survivor to thriving.

Currently, Fatima's legislative focus is modifying statute of limitation laws in the US related to sexual abuse of children.  During the 2020 Virginia General Assembly session she worked with Senator Jennifer McClellan and Delegate Kathy Tran to extend the statute of limitations for misdemeanor sexual offenses against a minor (HB 298 and SB 724)

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Consulting with non-profit, universities, and government agencies on case management, case-specific referrals, and collaborating to create strategies that are solution-focused and trauma informed.


Driven by a passion to eradicate violence in our communities, Fatima seeks to create opportunities for people to engage in critical discussion that cultivates change and develops sustainable, healthy, and inclusive communities. 

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