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Who is Fatima M. Smith

I am a survivor and it has shaped how I see the world, but it is not the only way I want the world to see me. Learn more about how I use my living experiences to inform my work. 

Why aren't we talking about community violence's impact in the workplace?

When we set out to center DEI, we must understand that we are not just hiring a checkbox, but a whole human that cannot be separated from their living experience outside of the workplace.

Exploring what Makes a Healthy Relationship

Unpacking the definition of intimacy and examples of how to set the foundation for a healthy relationship.

Legislative Advocacy: Make Youth Sports Safer in VA

The abuse that happened to USA Olympics gymnastics is not an isolated occurrence. Unfortunately, it is happening across the country in all elite sports. Learn why new laws are needed to help our youth thrive in sports, not survive them.

Pro-social Bystanders

Exploring the types of bystanders and the types of interventions folks can implement to make our communities and workplaces inclusive and safer.

Legislative Advocacy - Medical Professionals Screening for DV, IPV, & SA

Domestic and intimate partner violence and sexual assault are a public health issue. Learn how we can engage medical professionals in screening, intervening and supporting those who experience DV, IPV and/or SA.

Why are Boundaries Important

Hear a few examples of how to establish boundaries with the youth in your life.

Questions for Parents to Ask re: youth sports

Before you sign your kid up for a sports team or extracurricular activity, watch this video to learn about questions to ask the organization.

Make Youth Sports Safer in VA

Did you know that youth sports organizations in VA are not required to conduct background checks or receive training on abuse prevention & response? Learn why new laws are needed to help our youth thrive in sports, not survive them.

My Personal Story

A brief overview of my identifies and lived experiences and how that impacts my professional work.

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